Online Training

Training on line

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  • Don’t have time to go to the gym?
  • Don’t like the gym?
  • Travel a lot?
  • Have a busy work schedule?
  • Want results and need help?
  • Need someone to be responsible to?
  • Need support and the right advise?
  • Or any other reasons?
  • Receive personal programs for what your goal/s are.
  • Motivational tips, nutritional information and monitoring
  • E-mail or phone support

On-line-training may be for you, your options for a 12 week duration are:


Bronze VO2 Training – $295.00.

New training program monthly

Nutritional guidelines

E-mail support


Silver VO2 Training – $495.00

New Training program every 3 weeks

Individual Nutrition plan

E-mail Support

Phone support every 3 weeks


Gold VO2 Training – $ 795.00

New Training program weekly

Weekly Food diary feedback

E-mail support

Tailored Nutrition plan

Weekly phone support